17 August 2022

First of all, YOU can do much in support of Palestine.

The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) urges you to continue making dua and other supplications for the people in Palestine.

You can donate towards efforts for relief and medical assistance in Palestine.

Incidentally CSN, a division of SAMNET, is collecting funds towards Aid for Palestine.

Join organised marches and protest activities. These are good symbolic activities that show support and unity around the Palestinian cause. They also provide visible support that Palestinians themselves can see.

However marches alone cannot and must not be the sum total of our activities and support for Palestine. We must not be like soda water. Big fuss and then it fizzles out.

We need continuous broad based activism if we are to make any impact.

Here are some actions to take.

Boycott strong supporters of Israeli Zionism. Here are some companies that support the Israeli Zionist machinery.

CLOVER- Has recently been taken over by an Israeli company.

DISCHEM- CEO Ivan Saltzman, is not just a Zionist but is derogatory about Palestinians.

CAPE UNION MART- Owner of Cape Union Mart has won many awards for major contributions towards Israel.

It is very difficult to Boycott multiple products, and to sustain such a Boycott.

However, two or three products or companies are more practical to boycott and we can sustain such a Boycott.

Put pressure on Government, Sign Petitions, Call, e-Mail and Tweet the Media for more balanced coverage about Palestine, not just the Israeli narrative which is what mainstream media always portrays.

1) Put Pressure on Government to cut ties with Israel by signing relevant PETITIONS*

2) Join political parties and attend meetings, and put pressure on politicians. The must earn your vote with policies you can support

3) Engage in lobbing outside of the Muslim community

4) . Educate yourself about the political and religious history of Palestine and educate others. Speak to your local imam to have him or somebody else arrange talks after salaah or as a jummah lecture etc. Spread the message.

5) Educate your children even when Palestine is not in the news and encourage them to support and become social media activists at the very least.

Support organisations like SAMNET, who are involved in lobbying, advocacy, challenging media narratives, and social media campaigns etc on a daily basis for years so that we can hire more people and get more work done.

SAMNET will teach you how and what to tweet to the media, Government officials, influencers and how to have continuous sustained broad based action, not reactive and emotive action that fizzles out.

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