20 July 2024

By Fadeel Hassen

The call of Al-Aqsa is a ligitimate call to true unity-in-purpose, away from unicity in diversity.

Al-Aqsa’s call is the dividing line that separates the men from the boys, leaders from followers and Munifiqoon from Mu’ninoon.

The call of Al-Aqsa brought tears to eyes, to think that we are all sissies who talk like a tsunami and act like a mouse.

The call of Al-Aqsa had instilled the fear in our consciousness, knowing Allah will test us in our faith, while the judgmentalist and passivists are too busy dividing us in their pettiness.

Al-Aqsa reminds us that Allah is giving us a final opportunity to rise beyond the triviality, and to embrace the honor of eternal bliss.

The cry of Al-Aqsa is a cry to unite the sincere heart, to embrace justice, while fearlessly confronting the face of the evil oppressor.

The call of Al-Aqsa is a jihad to liberate mankind from the shackles of the mind that seeks to enslave us as prisoners of routine, some in comfort and others in ruin.

Al-Aqsa knows her call is not only for the benefit of believers, but for the emancipation of all human kind. Al-Aqsa knows very well that it needs to escape injustice and allow a band of righteous men to rise from her ashes to a new civilization, a world where every citizen of the world will live and flourish in abundance, reverberating the echos of peace and prosperity, a world that will resist every Zionist attempt to destroy the dream of self-actualization, just as Allah intended for each of His beloved creation- human, animal and plant.

Al-Aqsa wants the pure of heart, whether it be Muslim, Christian or Jew.

Al-Aqsa knows this is jihad and she wants no more blood of innocents to spill where cowards hide behind armour to make women and children bleed in every street.

Al-Aqsa knows there shall be no peace in the absence of justice.

This ideal will come with a price, the price of flesh and bones while bullets can’t withold our stones. Al-Aqsa knows the price is insignificant in comparison to eternal bliss, reserved for the steadfast who takes the risk.

Our appropriate response to Al-Aqsa is to tell her we will NEVER relent, not after 73 years of talk, treaties while tolerating turmoil and treason.

Al-Aqsa we hear your cry, we stand tall with dignity knowing our spirit shall never die.

Oh beloved Al-Aqsa, we will liberate you from the river to the sea, while the coward flea from your plea. Rest assured we shall dick a trench behind us so if we break your command we shall fall and die like a fly drenched in your cry.

Al-Aqsa, we say we hear and we obey: we shall never renege on our pact. Our commitment is to liberate you with all our might, until we are victorious or die in honor, rather than live in oppression.

Al-Aqsa, we realize your patience is up. We shall stand resilient to liberate you with our souls and our blood.

Birroogh bi dam nafdeeqa, Ya Aqsa.

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