13 July 2024

By Al Qalam Reporter

Poorer communities in the Western Cape now have access to primary health care on their doorstep, thanks to the launch of a Mobile Medical Bus by SA charity Penny Appeal.

The purchase of the medical bus follows a fundraising campaign in July to raise funds for the mobile clinic. Thanks to the Penny for a Laugh Charity Comedy tour, the project not only raised funds for the mobile medical bus, but also helped to highlight the health needs of vulnerable and under-resourced areas, specifically to where access to medical attention and care was scarce. The bus has officially launched in November, serving areas in and around the Western Cape area.

The charity said in a statement that many children in South Africa have been identified as not getting their routine vaccinations which encourages the spread of illnesses. With the proper medical care, children can live a healthier and happier life.

According to COO for Penny Appeal, Shaheen Sha, R1000 provides access to general primary healthcare such as vaccinations, health education and counseling, nutritional assessments, growth monitoring, motor skills and development milestones, hearing assessments, provision of check and treat of minor ailments and referrals to local clinics or hospitals for more serious health issues.

“We are also, with the help of our partners, providing dental care and eye care. The dentist on-board will do oral hygiene education, scaling and polishing (cleaning), fluoride treatments, application of fissure sealants, tooth extractions and fillings. Children will also be provided with visual screening, eye health examination, provision of medication for children with minor ailments and referrals to eye clinic should there be more serious eye care issues. With this array of treatments available to children, it will aid in the proper healthcare treatments, minimising the chances of serious conditions when they are older.

When asked about the motivation for the project, Sha said that development and investing in the youth of our country was a cause close to the heart for Penny Appeal.

The bus will travel between primary schools, offering medical care to the learners in communities. Your small change can make a big difference in ensuring that quality access is provided. To donate, or learn more about this campaign, donations can be made at www.pennyappeal.org.za/donate or call Penny Appeal on: 031 11 00 573.

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