8 December 2023

Moulana Ahmed Khan is the recipient of the Hazrat Badshah Peer Awardin recognition of his service to humanity and his tireless efforts in uplifting the Muslim ummah, and for being an example of Da’wah to non-Muslim Brethren.

The award was presented to him by heads of Islamic Lifestyle Solutions, Shaykh Faheem, Mufti Omar Dawood, Moulana Saleh Joosab Arbee and Mufti Moin Moeeni.

Moulana Khan is the Principal of  Madaressa Ghausiya Rasiviya with branches in Glenhills, Ashville, Melville, Chayamoya and Ntshawini. He is associated with the Dolpgin Coast Hospice, Chatsworth Hospice, Vulamehlo Hospice, Kwadukuza Clinic and Glenhills Clinic.

The Islamic Lifestyle Solutions, quoted a Hadith: A Man once went to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and asked: “Which kind of Charity receives the Greater Award?” The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) replied: “that which you give away while you are in good health, seeking wealth fearful of poverty and hoping for prosperity. Do not delay charitable spending till the thoes of death are upon you and say: To so and so this, and to so and so that, because at that time it already belongs to so and so!”[Bukhari, Muslim]

The Board members of the Dolphin Coast Hospice Association, their nursing staff, volunteers and patients congratulated Moulana Khan for receiving the award.

“Moulana, a Board member of the Dolphin Coast Hospice for many years, assists with meals and fundraising. His commitment in showing compassion to the patients regarding their meals and wellbeing bears testimony to the aims and objectives of the organization, social development and upliftment of our community. Moulana we are so proud of you that amongst so many, you stand especially when you one of us. May Allah reward you and your family abundantly here and hereafter.”

Glenhills Primary School also congratulated Khan. “Moulana Ahmed Khan, who is an Urdu educator at our School, is also a prominent personality at our School and in Glenhills due to his dedicated efforts in assisting and caring for the poorest of the poor. As a Good Samaritan he has served the Community as well as our School with distinction in all our fundraising activities, provided hot meals to our indigent learners, has sponsored our learners with a treat annually. Moulana remains a rare gem in this day and age.”


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