17 August 2022

Fifty years ago on 27th September 1969, Imam Abdullah Haron was brutally and savagely murdered by the then security agents of the Nationalist Government.

In every situation to which the suffrages of his fellow-people called him, he bore himself worthily with ability equal to the demand of the position he held, and with a purity of motive and integrity of official conduct which were a moral inspiration in the political activities of that time.

Service was his purpose. Courage was his defining characteristic and patriotism, his defining character.

Imam Haron is a hero of national history whose legendary memory will be enshrined in the millennial epoch. Even today, we must admit to be in awe of this remarkable person and perhaps that needs to be reigned in admiration and the deepest respect, certainly for his courage and steadfastness to devote his life for the cause of justice and equality.

The day of freedom ultimately came. Carved in the pages of South Africa’s history, the name of Imam Haron stands for all time, both as an example and an inspiration. His untimely death will serve to remind generations of our people of a generous and fearless personality – and of a life of nobility and patriotism, service and sacrifice.

No man in our history lived a life more daring in its conception, more eventful in its import and more human in its urges and impulses. Here is a sad occasion when one can say truthfully that Africa is poorer today, poorer not merely by the death of this great man of this era, but because he leaves a big hole in the lives of his many friends, and on the ramparts of our nation.

Imam Abdullah Haron was a mighty rebel. His heart was opened to the tribulations of his people, who from that day onwards gave his mind and soul to their salvation. His death is truly a loss to mankind which needs the living light of those ideals of justice and tolerance for which he strove and died.

In her hour of sorrow South Africa can be proud of having given Africa a man of imperishable renown who will be a source of inspiration and strength in the fulfilment of her destiny.

Imam Abdullah Haron will remain a perennial symbol of individual excellence.

Yours sincerely

Farouk Araie


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