17 August 2022

It was with profound sadness that I learnt of the passing away of journalist Farook Khan.

His journalism was as nuanced, insightful and well-informed as it could possibly be. He leaves behind a rich legacy of journalism that impacted people around the world. Farook was a principled journalist who brought pride to journalism for standing up to ethical journalistic principles in the face of attempts to subvert these principles. His legacy will serve as an inspiration and beacon to his fellow colleagues and to his community and his meaningful memory.

Farook Khan was a journalist’s journalist. His work ethics and passion for journalism were second to none. His death is a devastating loss to the world of words, to our understanding of power and its reach, to the cultivation of empathy, to rich, nuanced, elegant news-reporting. His works were a gift to everyone who had the pleasure of reading him. He was the most iconic writer of his time.

The writing world has begun mourning the loss of a true legend who had a marvellous, rigorous mind. His original and rich language, his moral strength and fight for justice and peace will be his eternal legacy. He was talented and tenacious but patient and kind with it. He was scrupulous about facts, and generous in spirit. He wrote about any subject with flair, admired for his wit and lucidity.

As a journalist, he had displayed stubborn tenacity, ferocious independence and extraordinary will in pursuing truth. His pen might as well have been a scalpel as he could slice past pretence and posturing to lay his subject bare before you. I was indeed extremely fortunate to have known him. He will remain an eternal symbol of individual excellence.

Hambe Kahle, my friend, Farook Khan.







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