13 July 2024

By Al Qalam Reporter

The demand for the annual Leadership Development Programme (LDP) has grown threefold in a space of two-years as about 90 applicants compete for acceptance into the first year training which is limited to 30 participants.

The fourth edition 6-day LDP created by the Human Resources Development Programme (HRDP) – a united effort by nine-member organisations based in South Africa – will be taking place from 22-28 September 2019 at the Masakhane Girls Secondary School in Verulam, outside Durban.

“We are most pleased with the growth and demand for this unique programme that we put together to develop our Imams, Muezzins, Duats, Madrassah Teachers, Employees of NGO’s and Activists”, says HRDP chairperson Asif Essop.

“Our training is a compilation of several short courses to prepare office-bound staff and field workers in their daily tasks as well as to increase their efficiency in the workplace”, he added.

Deputy chairperson Shaik Adam Macheso said: “As a result of this growth – including the number of female applicants – a sub-committee considers and selects applications which are done on-line”.

He said that the HRDP takes applications from SADC countries only. Thus far, applications have been approved for trainees from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“Our LDP course is a two-year internal qualification. We have observed that the number of people wanting to complete the 2nd year has also doubled”, he added.

The training initiative is supported by AWQAF SA, Dawah Academy, International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan and MANCOSA.

The HRDP member organisations are: As-Salaam Educational Institute, Inchanga Islamic Centre, Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa, Islamic Propagation Centre International, Ladysmith Dawah Centre, Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa, Southern Africa Dawah Network, and South African National Zakah Fund.

If your organization wishes to receive an invitation, kindly send an email to rashid.dawnlead@gmail.com or contact the head office at +27 031 306 2011.



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