17 August 2022

The Caring Sisters Network (CSN) recently donated study guides and textbooks to the matric classes of the Overport Secondary School.

This has been CSN’s 5th successful study guide campaign. At the end of each academic year CSN puts out a call for good condition, reusable study guides and textbooks from matriculants of the current year to pass onto the matric classes of the next year.

“2020 was an exceptional year as we received more than what we requested for. There was an overwhelming response, not only from the matric classes but from other grades as well” said Yasiera Mahomed Suliman, chairperson of CSN.

The change to online classes in 2020 resulted in many purchasing more study guides than usual. Hence the current grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and the school OSS library benefitted too.

In addition to the study guides we received dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and many textbooks. A study guide today costs anything between R150 to R250, and many students cannot afford even a single study guide. The donation of the much needed educational resources was most welcomed and appreciated by the principal of Overport Secondary school, Dr Shabier Omar.

The charity group also donated face masks for the learners, adding that it was grateful to all the classes of 2020 for their very generous donations.

For more information and updates on CSN’s projects, follow CSN on all the social media platforms or call them on 031-207 4223.

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