Africa Muslims Agency opens school for refugees, migrants in Lebanon

Al-Qalam Correspondent

Africa Muslims Agency has opened an educational institute for refugees and underprivileged children in Lebanon called The AMAN School of Excellence.

The AMAN School of Excellence is set to provide education for 650 children aged six to 14 years of different nationalities that will include Lebanese, Syrian refugees, Palestinian refugees, and migrants found in the Beqaa region of Lebanon.

The school will provide formal education for kindergarten to grade 9 and will also cover the cost of tuition, transportation, uniforms & school bags.

Refugee children are often out of school because of extreme poverty, inability to afford transport costs, lack of remedial classes, bullying and discrimination.

An assessment in two refugee camps concluded that almost 89% of refugee children are out of school, and the rest are registered in non-formal education.

The public school system in Lebanon was not equipped to handle the influx of refugees into the country in recent years.

Aman means “safety” in Arabic and the AMAN School of Excellence aims to break the cycle of poverty and change the trajectory of the future for an entire generation of children, along with their families.

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In addition to the annual school programme, AMAN will run a summer school which will provide remedial and language support for the most middle and under-achievers in different grades to increase their academic progress and compensate the loss of the past years.

Through AMA’s work in refugee camps in Lebanon, countless children recounted the fact that they cannot go to school.

An AMA spokesman said: “Children dream of becoming doctors, pilots and teachers…of having futures that can remove them and their families from refugee camps, but they are all aware that without an education, these will remain just dreams”.

“A sponsorship of R16000 (or any amount) will cover the cost of providing education to a child to achieve his/her dreams”.

Their banking details are: Africa Muslims Agency; Standard Bank; ACC NUMBER: 000 445 312; BRANCH CODE: 004805; SWIFT CODE: SBZAZAJJ; REFERENCE: AMAN School

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