17 August 2022

About two years ago, I recall that there was a colloquium of sorts in Durban’s Al-Ansaar Hall for the purposes of establishing a medical aid, retirement and or pension fund for Imams, Bilals and madressa teachers as well as social workers who find themselves in a thankless job.

Like us, they too are faced with financial challenges. One would think that our religious authorities would collaborate and assist with provident fund and medical aid for employees in masajid and madressas. WHAT HAS HAPPENED? 

Surely, especially during this corona crisis, the time is ripe to put some intervention into place? 

SANHA and other “HALAAL AUTHORITIES” as well as SAHUC must contribute given their cash surplus from income they earn doing what they do.

An appeal should go out to the wealthy amongst Muslims to contribute towards a pension or provident fund for all registered and bona fide musjid employees.


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