‘We’re looking into the bubbling cauldron of hate and insanity’

My jihad is one battle at a time. I’ve Kashmir, I’ve the RSS/BJP abominations against Muslims and Christians in India, I’ve Palestine, Myanmar, I’ve the suffering of Uyghur, I’ve the excesses by the neo anti Semitists in Europe doing what they did experimenting to the Jews, now to Muslims, that led to the holocaust, to the River Drina flowing with the blood of Muslims who were slaughtered like animals, by the forces of Radovan Karadzic( remember them?) in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We’re looking into the bubbling cauldron of hate and insanity and I weep for the inevitable escalating end. So I lift my hands, my heart and my head on the musallah for a merciful Allah to show His hand and end all this.

Forgive me, I’m weak and feeble but I will not abandon my empathy and so I will continue to weep as I mourn our lapsed humanity. I will not hate or curse the perpetrators of these evils that I am recording.

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay


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