17 August 2022

Many may have forgotten that January 13, 2020 marked 71 years of the deadly Cato Manor riots, a planned anti-Indian pogrom that took place between 13-15 January 1949, primarily by Zulus targeting Indians in Durban. The two days of rioting were exceptionally violent resulting in rape and massacre of Indians which resulted in looting and burning of their properties. The riots claimed some 142 lives and over 40 000 Indians became instant refugees. I remember my mother’s account very vividly. We have to remind ourselves of these historical facts because what is happening in India can happen in SA if we don’t integrate, practice as well as propagate an all-inclusive Islam to incorporate all communities. This must be taught in our masjids and among local communities. I am currently reading the book the “Communities of the Quran: Dialogue, Debate and Diversity in the 21st Century edited by Emran El-Badawi and Paula Sanders. It makes interesting reading on the subject of inter-faith dialogue. Saber Ahmed Jazbhay Constitutional lawyer Durban

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