17 August 2022

As shocking as it was, it wasn’t unexpected that America’s client state, the UAE in a joint announcement with US and Israel should announce ‘normalisation’ with Israel.

Why I am not surprised!

Mahomed Haekal in his book ‘Secret Channels’ wrote almost 50 years ago that whilst Egypt under Gamel Abdel Nasser was waging war against the fledgling implant state ‘Israel’, secret deals were made that ensured the minimization of loss of lives and a tacit admission that it was purely as a show of ‘Arab solidarity’ in favour of the people of Palestine. Thus it was common knowledge that at least for the last decade, Arab leaders have been covertly fraternising with the Zionist entity on security matters, specifically on how to prevent or curtail popular uprisings in their respective sheikdoms.

The UAE has attempted to sell normalisation as a victory in a bid to stop the annexation of the West Bank. This is absurd PR as the West Bank has been undergoing de facto annexation ever since the illegitimate creation of the Zionist entity in 1948.

Whilst many analysts have expressed shock and regret at this predictable occurrence, those who support the Palestinian cause understand that this is not a bad thing as it makes the situation rather clear. An open enemy is far easier to deal with than one who feigns friendship.

This is also just the beginning…

Following this act of arrogance by the “Shopping Mall with a Flag” also known as UAE, Bahrain (the US/British Military Base with a Flag) will follow suit, following that Oman (which pretty much is already there), then so-called Saudi Arabia will openly spread itself and declare its undying love for the Zionists, and openly reveal itself as the head of Arab Zionism.

The Arab world may possibly even turn against each other. Amongst the Arabs degenerates who occupy the various swaths of the Arabian Peninsula, there is little love between them, but plenty of jealousy and hatred, this is but a means to suckle further at the teat of the US and Zionist regimes. Only Iran provides hope.

And, let’s not think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will make any difference – all they will do is slow the progression; since both Republicans and Democrats are first and foremost, loyal and subservient to the Zionist project.

Now is the time for the Axis of Resistance and those who are with this line to set aside their petty squabbles and kill their petty egos, and to come together. The enemy is uniting and the believers are doing the opposite.

Arab regimes must remember that no amount of fraternising with the Zionist entity will save their despotic regimes.

Saber Jazbhay

Lawyer (constitutional law)


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