17 August 2022

The human rights organization, #Africa4Palestine, has noted with concern the efforts by the Israeli regime to try and establish relations with African and Arab countries, some of whom have previously always been firm in supporting the Palestinian people and in upholding international law.

These efforts are aggressively led by the USA on behalf of Israel, with the apparent active intervention and support from certain Arab gulf regimes, including the UAW and Saudi Arabia.

This “normalization” which is, deliberately misnamed to obfuscate the fact that it takes place at the end of a ‘gun’ is clearly aimed at vitiating the Palestinian question and normalizing the brutal racist occupation of Palestine.

We as an organization have initiated efforts to counter these developments. It is for this reason that the formation of Africa4Palestine, formerly known as BDS, was necessary. In due course we hope to solidify and strengthen relations between Palestine and Africa working with the various Palestinian embassies across the continent.

We have begun reaching out to our partners in Malawi, Chad, Zimbabwe and Sudan among a few other priority countries and have begun initiating engagements. Now that our borders are open for travel we intend to hold meeting in these countries within the next 4-6 weeks.

We call on all African countries to continue following the direction of the African Union in respect of international law and human rights.

Tisetso Magama

Spokesperson: #Africa4Palestine

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