28 November 2023

It’s beyond belief when one tries to understand the bottomless corruption that is happening in South Africa.  After listening to Angelo Agrizzi’s evidence at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry, it seems that corruption in deeper than the deepest mines in this country.

The depravity of it all boggles the mind when you consider that a ‘bribery budget’ of R6-million per month was being paid?

As citizens, how did we allow this to happen? This is a sledgehammer blow to the foundation of our constitution. It explodes in the angry response that we are getting from poor communities for this wasn’t in the script. Rather it was a form of deviancy which tarnishes the government of President Ramaphosa and constitutes an unforgiving threat to its ruling South Africa on its own. Unlike Justice Malala’s book in which he warned that South Africa was heading for a crash landing, I will venture to say….too late – we have already crashed!

 So how did this come about? Painfully the unearthing by the Zondo Commission of Inquiry sends us a lesson. 

So, if I fast track to a decade from today and if I were to send out a memo to myself sometimes in the future, this is what I would ask – ‘How and why did Jacob Zuma end up becoming the President of the RSA, and why was he allowed to remain in office?’ 

We, everyone in SA who didn’t vote or didn’t bother to vote must take stock. We were the authors of the problem. Look at the USA, for example. Peoples’ lack of bother earned them Donald Trump.  

Cyril Ramaphosa needs to act decisively. To prove that he is serious about ridding the country of corruption, he must order the immediate termination of all central provincial and local government contracts with Bosasa. Emergency measures must be put in place.

 Now is the time to rid the country of corruption. Show courage Mr Ramaphosa. South Africa will appreciate actions from you!

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