SAMNET: “If you don’t get to vote in Municipal Elections NOW, you don’t get a say for another 5 years!”

The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) had urged all South Africans and the Ummah, in particular, to register to vote in the upcoming Municipal Elections.

In a social media statement, SAMNET said: “We cannot remain outside of political participation and then complain about the results.

“If you have been affected by corruption, poor service delivery, crime, roads, rates and tariffs, etc. this is your chance to choose who speaks for you!”

“Voting is an important part of being an active citizen, and your vote for people to represent the area you live in is an important Islamic duty.
“Why should one Register? The benefits are that Active Ward councillors can influence many issues such as policy, zoning, and stopping land invasions, ensure that water, electricity, refuse issues are fixed, and fight for more security and safety for your family, business and future.”
The statement pointed out that municipalities need councillors who are active, engaged, contactable and accountable to their communities.

“If you haven’t registered before the cut-off date, you don’t get a say for another 5 years! SAMNET warned.

“Many wards are won or lost by small numbers, often less than 100/200 votes. A ‘voting block’ (eg. the families around the local Musaajid) CAN determine an outcome, or an additional proportional representative!”

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