13 July 2024

We are sure that no post-apartheid South African government will want to stand on the wrong side of history.

The SA BDS Coalition calls on the incoming government to express its support for our legal team at the ICJ and take all measures to ensure our country is not complicit in Apartheid Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people in line with our international obligations.

Failure to do so will damage our country’s international reputation and serve to mobilise South Africans against the GNU. The vast majority of our people support the just struggle of the Palestinian people and oppose genocide. For us, it is a red line. Such a failure will undermine Mandela’s strong belief that “our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” It is a litmus test.

We have not yet seen any prosecutions of South Africans who are joining the Israeli occupation forces. We are still trading with Israel and call on the incoming government to implement a trade embargo, particularly to stop fueling genocide and end the sale of South African coal to Israel as Colombia has recently done. We call on the incoming Minister of Sports, Art and Culture to implement sports and culture boycott policies and support the global call to kick Israel out of the upcoming Olympics as well as FIFA, just as the action was taken against Russia within weeks of its war against Ukraine.

We are sure that the incoming South African government will want to demonstrate its opposition to apartheid. As a signatory to the Apartheid Convention, cognizant of South Africa’s moral and political responsibility to punish the crime of apartheid, they will work to end all ties with Apartheid Israel and for sanctions to isolate and punish the genocidal state.

BDS Coalition 

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