Recently launched Hifz Journal helps in memorisation and increasing love for Qur’an

By Al Qalam Correspondent

If you are doing hifz you will welcome the just launched “Hifz Journal” developed by the “dignity” team which records your daily memorisation in an easy to use format. The journal was developed after much consultation with teachers and users. The Hifz Journal presents a practical publication for non-Arabic speaking Hifz students, which would give them insight into what they are memorizing, thus increasing their understanding and love for the Qur’an. It has a comprehensive layout, meticulously covering records for sabaq, sabaq dhor and dhor for one year. 

The Hifz Journal comes bundled with the “Hifz Companion” which includes the summary to the Qur’an by Khurram Murad, Summary of the 30 Juz, Rules of Tajweed, Word for Word Translation of selected surahs and Salaat and Salaam and more. The aim of the set is to connect hifz students to the Qur’an in a meaningful way in their journey of memorisation. It is an opportunity for them to record their Hifz journey over the year, experiences they’ve had and advice they have benefitted from. 

The books are well laid out, very detailed and easy to use, making them an indispensable item for Madrasahs and Hifz students. They are unique in this sense and will remain a lasting memory for the student.

For a limited period, and whilst stocks last, the set will also include the very famous “Way to the Qur’an” by Khurram Murad sponsored by Impress for the Esale Sawab of one of their founders and directors the late Brother Mohammed Amra. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to connect with the Qur’an. 

The set is an ideal gift for students of hifz and are available directly from digniti or nationally through one of their resellers. They are priced at a low R200 for the set. Contact them at for further information. 

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