12 July 2024

[CBS News]

In a desperate attempt to arrest the terminal decline of its settler colonial enterprise, the Zionist entity yesterday launched a major invasion of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

For 75 years in the name of Israel and the stolen identity of Judaism, Zionism has unleashed its unabashed death cult against Palestine.

Targeting anything and everything from hospitals, schools and civilian homes, the Zionist entity hopes to eradicate Palestinians off the map.

The Media Review Network condemns Zionist aggression on Jenin, terrorising Palestinians, destroying their properties and carrying out arbitrary killings and detentions. International silence encourages the enemy’s dangerous actions.

Dozens of families in Jenin were forced out of their homes by Israeli forces. Families who refused to leave posted their ‘last messages’ on social media.

Eight Palestinians have been confirmed dead with the body count expected to increase in the coming hours.

In the same breath, MRN welcomes the strong resistance offered by the various factions who have valiantly repelled the Zionist forces. 

We unapologetically support the right of Palestinians to defend their homeland and expel the settler colonialists in their entirety. 

The ongoing massacre in Jenin is evidence that the Nakba has not ended.

But it will when the illegal settler colonial regime is defeated. Injustice will not survive. It didn’t in Apartheid South Africa, nor will it in Apartheid Israel.

The MRN also expresses its utter disgust at Abu Mazen’s PA which enables the ongoing Nakba. None of the PA’s 60,000 strong armed PA forces have been deployed in defence of Jenin.

The PA is an appendage of the Occupation. That it collaborates with the Occupier to maintain ‘peace and quiet’, is not only despised and resented by Palestinian people, it has lost credibility – and justifiably so! It therefore cannot claim to speak for Palestine.

Dr. Ahmed Jazbhay

Executive Member: MRN

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