28 November 2023

The South African Muslim Network humbly requests you to partner with us for the 2022 National Mosque Open Day campaign and assist in getting more mosques on board throughout the country.

We are preparing for National Mosque Open Day to take place on Heritage Day, 24th September 2022. (Due to Covid-19 there was no National Mosque Open Day for 2020 and 2021).

The campaign has grown since inception and the 2019 National Mosque Open Day hosted over 2000 participants across six provinces with 45 Masaajid registered.

We hope to create far more awareness and expel misconceptions of Islam this year and every year thereafter. The vision for the National Mosque Open Day is for mosques across the country to open their doors simultaneously on one day to educate and inform people of other faiths on Islam and Muslims. This provides a platform for people to meet a Muslim in person in the hopes of removing any prior misconceptions of peculiarity and negativity.

The day generally involves a ‘meet and greet’, mosque tour, explanation of prayer and ablution, brief introduction on Islam and a question and answer session.

We would like for you to request your various Ulama to promote this idea and campaign in all the Musjids and encourage Moulanas to ask Musallees to spread the word whenever they are addressing their congregations.

Your influence and support in this campaign will enable us to reach many more areas. It is our goal to see all of South Africa learning about Islam from our respected mosque representatives and not from the biased media outlets.

We look forward to your positive response In Sha Allah.

Dr. Faisal Suliman


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