MYM: ‘To the people of Kashmir, we hear your cry; we pledge our solidarity with you’

The President of the Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) Thandile Konahas called on the United Nations, the international community and all justice and freedom-loving people of the world to raise their voices in condemnation of the Indian government for the abuses of the human rights of the people of Kashmir.

“This must be followed by decisive action that will put an end to the impunity of the Indian government. We further call on the South African government to break its silence on the issue and to draw inspiration from the international solidarity that helped to end apartheid. Failure to do so will be a betrayal of the values upon which South Africa is built.

Kona told Al Qalam that while apartheid was now history in South Africa, people in some parts of the world still suffer under the yoke of oppression, are denied the right to self-determination and have their human rights violated daily.

“Such is the case with the people of Kashmir who is suffering under the jackboot of the extremist Mod-led Indian government.

“The people of South Africa, having recently emerged from an oppressive past, know racist oppression when they see it. They know very well what human rights violations look like. They know that what is happening in Kashmir is a brutal oppression of and denial of the human dignity of a people by a government that does not have a legitimate claim to the land of Kashmir.

“The people of Kashmir must be assured that the youth of South Africa hears their cries of agony and are in solidarity with them.

“We are in full support of their legitimate struggle for freedom and justice. In commemorating International Kashmir Solidarity Day, we pledge to use every available avenue to make the world aware of the plight of the people of Kashmir and to appeal to the conscience of humanity to act”.

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