17 August 2022

By Al Qalam Reporter

The Media Review Network (MRN) has appealed to reporters – and Islamophobes alike –not to speculate that the shooting dead of a musallie in a parking lot of the Mayfair Jumuah Masjid on Tuesday was the work of a terror group.

Many locals, however, believe that the shooting of wealthy Ethiopian businessman, Mohammed Amien a father of seven was a targeted hit. He had several businesses in Johannesburg and the possibility of rivalry has not been excluded. After shooting him at close range, the two gunmen fled. A bystander was also wounded in the attack.

The attack has shocked the local community.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Vawda, of the MRN said in a statement that it “condemns any act of violence and barbarity which may or may not lead to the loss of innocent lives”.

“That the incident occurred in or around a place of worship is deeply regrettable and must be censured and deprecated. Unfortunately this incident could lead to unsolicited assumptions and speculation.

“We appeal to all the relevant South African role-players and the so-called ‘terror experts’ not to succumb to the Islamophobic propaganda by equating this barbarity and inhumanity to a possible existence of ‘terror cells’ operating in our country.

“We hope the media who thrive on sensationalism would be careful not to climb onto the Islamophobia bandwagon,” Vawda added.

The MRN called for calm from all sides so as to allow law enforcement agencies to complete their investigations “without prejudice and in an atmosphere free of emotions and speculations.”

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