30 November 2023

[Photo Credit: Ozan Köse/Getty Images]

Beware of false or contrived narratives! A few weeks ago, media headlines screamed about the martyrdom of Mahjsa Amini by the ‘morality’ police in Iran for allegedly incorrectly wearing her hijab.

Her death led to wide scale protests across the Islamic Republic.

Not surprisingly, many across the mostly western world joined the chorus against the only Muslim nation to stand up for the oppressed people of Palestine.

Compared to all the quisling Sunni Muslim nations, the Iranians represent a formidable force and an existential threat to Israel. Not even fence sitting Türkiye matches the zealotry of the Shiites of Iran. This is my opinion. So, I penned a public letter to POTUS (President of the US) in the following refrain. 

“Dear Joe and Kamala, if Mahsa Amini was a Persian-Iranian citizen, the morality police would not have killed her. Ethnic minorities are routinely treated harshly for infractions just as in Israel known for its policies against the ‘goyim’. Yet you accuse and condemn Iran but not Israel. Mahsa’s martyrdom was over her overt activism and ideals.

According to statistics, there are over 18 million Turkic-speaking Azeris, 4 million Kurds, some three million Arabs and roughly 1.4 million Baluchis living in Iran.

In my opinion the martyrdom of Mahsa Amini is not about the hijab but really a product of ethnic apartheid by members of the Iranian ‘morality’ police. Thank you for reading this post.”

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay

Constitutional Lawyer


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