17 August 2022

We, at Africa Muslims Agency (AMA) have been in the frontline of the COVID-19 response by distributing over 10 000 food hampers, hygiene packs and winter blankets to South Africans of all backgrounds and religions.

Through our #Humanitize and #12MillionMeals Campaign, the relief packs were sent across the country to townships, community-based organizations, frail care centres, the homeless, orphanages, churches and hospitals.

AMA respects and supports the necessary lockdown against the coronavirus pandemic, but one of the unintended consequences has been widespread hunger which is particularly harsh as the country prepares for winter.

We are working alongside partner and community based organizations to ensure that our citizens, who are most in need, have food and sanitation products. This is also important to those that are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. The gratitude across the country of people receiving relief aid – that lasts an entire month – is expressed with great humility.

You realise that ‘one more hamper’ distributed means that a family, that went days before without food, now have something to eat that day. It allows the elderly to be nourished and the young to be fed. There is still a massive need out there and we encourage all who want to donate to go to our website: www.africamuslimsagency.co.za.

We join hands with all of our fellow South Africans during this challenging time to work together to defeat this grave challenge to our country and the world.

If you’d like to find out more about any of Africa Muslims Agency’s current relief programmes, please email info@africamuslimsagency.co.za.

Website: www.africamuslimsagency.co.za Facebook: AfricaMuslimsAgency Instagram: africamuslimsagency Twitter: @AMASADirectAid Tel: 011 834 8685 / 081 030 8241


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