12 July 2024

By Al-Qalam Correspondent

Kwantu Private Game Reserve, a premier eco-tourism destination in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, has achieved a new milestone by becoming the first property in the nation to earn the prestigious 7-Crescent Rating – the maximum rating accorded by CrescentRating, the global authority on Halal-friendly travel.

Dr Shakir Jeeva, CEO of Kwantu, responded to this historic accomplishment, saying, “We are profoundly honoured to be the first property in South Africa to attain the pinnacle of Crescent ratings. This landmark recognition underscores our steadfast dedication to delivering top-tier service and assuring optimal comfort for our guests, all within a Halal-compliant environment.”

CrescentRating’s system ranges from one to seven, with seven being the highest achievable rating. The rating represents the comprehensive provision of Halal-friendly services, accommodations, and food and beverage offerings. Attaining a 7-Crescent rating involves fulfilling rigorous criteria that ensure the highest standards of Halal-friendly amenities and services are met, marking Kwantu as a global leader in this rapidly expanding sector.

As the global Halal market is forecasted to swell to $3.2 trillion by 2024, the demand for destinations that serve this burgeoning consumer base is becoming increasingly important. Kwantu’s unparalleled 7-Crescent rating solidifies its status as an ideal destination for the Halal-conscious traveller.

Kwantu Private Game Reserve seamlessly blends the splendour of African wildlife with a commitment to Halal accommodations. With fully Halaal kitchens presenting a diverse range of exquisite meals, and dedicated prayer rooms equipped with accurate Qibla direction, Kwantu ensures its guests can maintain their religious observances with ease.

“Kwantu’s mission has always been to foster an environment where guests can engage with nature while respecting their cultural and religious practices,” Dr Jeeva elaborated. “Our guests can relish the grandeur of Africa, confident that their Halal requirements are meticulously addressed.”

Located in the picturesque Eastern Cape, Kwantu spans 6000 hectares of untouched African wilderness, offering its guests a unique blend of luxurious accommodations and captivating wildlife experiences.

*About Kwantu Private Game Reserve:  

Kwantu Private Game Reserve is a 6000-hectare property located between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown, Offering a unique blend of luxury, adventure, and cultural experience, Kwantu is committed to creating an environment that appeals to everyone, while maintaining strict Halal standards. 

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