17 August 2022

I’m shocked but not surprised when President Ramaphosa announced recently that South Africa is reconsidering its decision to downgrade our embassy in Israel for thirty pieces of silver.

Never mind the oppression of Palestinians who are experiencing apartheid everyday, he finds trade with Israel far more profitable than standing like a rock that Nelson Mandela was. Was it not Mr Mandela who said that we in SA could never be free if the people of Palestine weren’t free?

South Africa has lost its moral authority and leadership. That decision is significant for it confirms that like Mr Zuma was captured by the Guptas while Mr Ramaphosa is captured by phony capitalists who are controlling the ANC government like puppeteers. Their message to him is clear: Just like we grounded SAA and we pulled the plug on ESKOM, your government is next for SA would become ungovernable. 

I say again, South Africa has lost its moral authority and leadership. Its Faustian pact has seen it silent in the evidence of blatant human rights abuses against Uguhyr Muslims in China and by the Indians in the disputed country Kashmir.

Not a peep. Nor even a whimper and the reason is that it has effected the Judas kiss for thirty pieces of silver.  

We might as well tear up our Constitution because we’re no longer interested in standing out as a beacon of human rights.

Government is spineless. It is mired in the Faustian pact and therefore it has lost the legitimacy to be a moral leader in Africa.

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay
Lawyer on Human Rights and Constitutional Law

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