India Hijab row: ‘This is an attack on our Muslim identity, what will they do next?’

The recent chaotic, unprecedented, illegal and abusive uproar in India, directed against Muslim Women, University students and generally against the Muslim masses that make up the minority group in India, has been condemned by the thinking populace of the world.

However, the BJP-led government of Narendra Modi and their hordes of unthinking masses have continued hate filled torment of Muslim Hijab apparelled young Muslim women.

These courageous women have taken up the cudgels in defense of religious freedom on behalf of themselves and the masses in India.

The so-called secular state is officially doing nothing to prevent the criminal conduct of their followers. But for a handful of brave Hindu journalists, human rights advocates and academics, the Modi regime seems oblivious of the grave implications Islamophobia has on Muslims.

While subdued objections are carrying on, innocent Muslim ladies are prevented by hordes of Hindus from attending universities.

The Hijab and its likeness is not only the apparel of Muslims. Hindu women in UP, and other areas regard Hijab/Nikab as their traditional dressing. Nuns also have similar outfits.

The question we are asking as to why Muslims are being singled out. Is this an excuse to hound and act against Muslims generally. Today it is Hijab and tomorrow, what!?

One needs to shower accolades on the Muslim females for exercising their rights and for not giving up. This is now leading to ordinary non-student Muslim women and men to support the Hijab-wearing women of India and the women with Hijab. BJP and its supporters should mark this as the numbers are growing and will continue to do this.

We, as Media Review Network, are not appealing, but demanding that this harassment and abuse of Muslims be halted immediately.

We also call on the SA government to intervene urgently.

Abdool Aziz Shaikh
Media Review Network

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