29 November 2023

Beloved journalistic icon, Karima Brown, has passed away. Karima will be remembered for her unflinching support in the struggle against oppression, endemic corruption and against racism.

She gave impartial and objective journalism the respect and admiration it deserved. She was a giant among journalists who strove to put the ordinary man and woman at the heart of her reporting. She took on the establishment and those powerful men and women in the corridors of power without fear or favour and earned a deserved reputation as our greatest journalist. She gave us an essential standard which will in time prevail against the prejudiced and reckless fabrications of the media at large.

Her exposures of shattering events in the conflict zones of our divided nation had the country’s various leaders on their toes. She was the master craftsman of journalism, a pioneer whose exceptional career spanned decades and whose legacy will influence generations to come. We have lost the most powerful voice of a Western journalist who stood on the side of justice and liberty. As devastated people mourn the loss of iconic and articulate Karima Brown, we lost not only one of the most recognizable journalist faces but an articulate voice and personality who was always for the well being of the downtrodden  members of humanity.

Karima spoke truth to power, she graphically exposed the chicanery of those who stood in the corridors of power and who had very deep pockets. She was among those great heroes who were a source of pride for humanity. Whereas the shameless stained the pages of history with their misdeeds. She was an inspiration to journalists, who followed her  accounts of blistering  events that have changed the course of  our fractured history. The world needs heroes more than ever and Karima Brown stands amongst the giants in our pantheon on her infinite grace, her  bravery under pressure and unselfishness in courage.

May her profound soul rest in eternal peace.

Farouk Araie


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