17 August 2022

I refer to an article in a Sunday newspaper headlined “Prayer held in Durban for soldiers killed in Kashmir” at which Ela Gandhi was the guest speaker at the event which was hosted by the Indian Association of SA (IASA) in memory of those 40 javans killed in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Can you really entertain the principle of “presumption of innocence” when so many victims go unheard about, and the denial of justice is priced at 30 pieces of silver?

Shame on those that lifted their hands and praying only for those Indian soldiers and not those suffering from the brutal occupation of Kashmir!

As I have consistently said, even the fruits of the revered, do get rotten.

 As shocking as revealing was the ‘prayer’ for 40 Javans killed by a suicide bomber in occupied Kashmir without interrogating what is India doing in Kashmir?  South Africans know better than to take the side of an oppressor.

 Here was an excellent opportunity for the organisers to act evenhandedly by calling upon both sides to take up the UN Resolution that India and Pakistan settle the dispute by means of a plebiscite.

This is and remains the thrust of my original appeal to Sri Narendra Modi who holds in his hands the selfsame vision that FW De Klerk had when in February 1990 he took the decision to unban the ANC as well as the SACP and release Nelson Mandela after 27 years as a prisoner of conscience.

I have this faith and belief that Sri Modi wants to do this but that there is the RSS and the BJP warlords who won’t let him.

If Mr Modi rises above the pyroclastic flow of hate and demonisation, then it’s time that another Indian won the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you reading this and supported the prayer, shame on you!

Saber Jazbhay


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