21 July 2024

Al-Qalam Reporter

The Media Review Network (MRN) says it was an was honor for its representative, Dr Firoz, to personally meet the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, in Istanbul – and to express its condolences at the killing of his three sons and grandchildren by Zionist forces.

Dr Firoz Osman also conveyed sorry on behalf of the MRN on the killing of over 35 000 civilians in Gaza. The Zionist onslaught on Gaza also caused injuries to  over 135 000 people.

In a report-back, Osman said Haniyeh articulated the determination of the Palestinian people to achieve freedom, justice and honor until victory or martyrdom.

Osman also met with delegates from many countries who attended the parliamentary conference including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Uzbekistan, India and Europe

In particular, Haniyeh expressed his gratitude to the South African government for their historic act of taking the Israeli regime to the International Court of Justice.

He urged that multi-pronged pressure continues to be applied on governments to halt the Israeli genocide. He noted the massive demonstrations on USA campuses, and likened it to the anti-Vietnam protests that caused America to end its war.

Osman expressed the view that the struggle of the Palestinians was a struggle of the oppressed against all tyrannical regimes that were supported by the elite ruling the Western world and their illegitimate puppets.

The MRN believes that the immense courage, dignity and determination of the just cause of the Palestinians will end in victory and the demise of the Zionists. 

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