17 August 2022

The sad passing of renowned Durban Aalim Maulana AR Khan gave me another painful jolt – to reflect on our fleeting life.

When a library gets destroyed in a fire, it’s a tragedy. However, books can be reprinted and replaced on the shelves. But when a learned man or woman with Google-like knowledge passes on, it’s beyond tragedy. That’s how I’m feeling right now as I pen these words in the wake of Maulana’s passing.

The Newlands West Muslim community said its tearful goodbye to a humanist who loved Allah and His Beloved and exemplified the Sunnah.

I want to remind all, including myself, ‘Don’t die with a burden’. Die if you will, but empty. You take nothing with you, just an unedited parchment in which your deeds and misdeeds are recorded. It will serve as a charge sheet to enable the Judge to determine what the appropriate sanction is going to be. So make amends, reconnect with friends and relatives from whom you’ve become estranged. Covid19? No problem, just pick up the phone and chat with Whatsapp, Zoom or connect with Skype. Stop stalling because you are waiting for that OTHER person to make contact with you. You have to become that bridge over troubled waters.

I’m 68. I’ve passed my marketable date, though I’m effervescent as I was when I started out as a lawyer. I’m mature like (let’s call it umm …spiritual nectar) not a rancid piece of cheese. I’ve learnt to move on, away from all that is negative and burdening me. I want to unburden myself, to become light as a feather when that final wind that blows to gracefully carry me away. But it’s never too late to make that connection and resume your journey from where you’ll briefly part company. That’s my take out from Maulana Jalal’uddin Rumi. I’m reaching out through this medium to everyone with a mea culpa i.e. …I was at fault. I was wrong!

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay


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