17 August 2022

Global football legend Diego Maradona passed away at 60.Courage in the face of oppression, resistance in the face of injustice. That is the enduring legacy of this gallant and brave soccer legend.

Palestine has lost the most articulate voice of reason and influence that dotted the landscape of the war ravaged Middle East.

He was a sports superstar who in our history lived a life more daring in its conception, more eventful in its import and more human in its urges and impulses.

His life was a man apart, with energy of soul and body dedicated to the service of mankind. A highly skilled dribbler who received global plaudits for his playing style which combined pace, skill balance, feints two-footedness, goals scoring and the ability to get past defenders.

His legend of fans will remember him for his goals, audacious dribbles and his sincere concern for the plight of humanity.

Football fans feel a deep sense of loss but his spirit and his talent will live on forever. What made him great was precisely what made him human.

He was universally acknowledged in his lifetime as the embodiment of magnanimity and reconciliation.

A philosopher once said “A death is not the extinguishing of a light but the putting out of the lamp, because the dawn has come.”

His legacy will be immense. May his profound soul rest in eternal peace.

Today the entire world cries and mourns with Argentina.



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