17 August 2022

The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) calls on Mosque trustees, Ulama, Imams and all Mosque representatives to come on board and join the 2019 National Mosque Open Day.

The National Mosque Open Day campaign held annually encourages Mosques to open their doors to the public simultaneously on Heritage Day, September 24.

The aim is to ease tensions caused by negative media attention towards Muslims and Islam, build and strengthen relations with other religious groups, and encourage members of the public to get to know their local mosque.

The 2018 National Mosque Open Day campaign hosted over 800 participants across 20 mosques. Participants left the mosque with a better understanding of Islam, a sense of community and more accurate information and mutual understanding and tolerance that it brings. We look forward to mosques opening their doors on Heritage Day in every corner of South Africa!

To participate in the 2019 National Mosque Open Day or if you have any queries, send us an email on info@samnet.co.za or call us on 031-207 4223.


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