AMA: ‘We travelled through poverty- stricken Mozambique where some people even eat grass’

Even when you have been working in the humanitarian space for a long time, there are certain encounters that just hit deeper, that break you a little more than others.

Africa Muslims Agency’s South African team has been travelling through Mozambique for the past few days, visiting the projects which are active in the country throughout the year, some for the past 35 years.

The teams have travelled to remote areas of Mozambique, on the roads for hours in 4×4 vehicles, motorbikes and on foot, to reach places far removed from the luxuries of modern life. The level of poverty in these areas of Mozambique is so extreme, it is incomprehensible that the people here actually survive.

On one of the days of the trip, the team distributed food to a thousand families and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to do this.

But there were still families who did not receive any food. A bag of maize fell onto the floor and children started picking up the maize…it was a muddy mess mixed with the dirt, but they were so hungry that this didn’t matter.

Dirty scraps are more than what they usually eat. Grass is what they usually eat.

There are few words to describe witnessing such a scene and the emotions which one experiences…anger, heartbreak, helplessness…the injustice of living in a world where children have to resort to such a level.

They need our help. What are we waiting for?

As we travelled through the provinces of Mozambique, the need for water made itself glaringly obvious at every point. The people in Mozambique live off the land. Access to water means that they can plant fruit trees and crops, which means that they have a little something to eat.

Access to water means that the children of a village go to school.

Access to water means dignity for the elderly who cling to life in the scorching heat, hungry and resigned.

We ask the Almighty to give ease to every person in such situations, to give us the ability to help as many as possible and the gratitude to appreciate the abundant blessings we have been given.

Please donate to Africa Muslims Agency today to bring food and water to the people of Africa; to bring dignity and humanity to our fellow brothers and sisters.

A water well costs R14,500 & brings the ability to farm and eat.

Contribute towards a water well or borehole today and be part of AMA’s journey in empowering, educating and inspiring communities around the world.

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