Zuma ouster: ‘Forgive me if I refuse to join the vuvuzela brigade’

Now that Cyril Ramaphosa has been sworn in as SA President after nine rapacious years under a Zuma presidency, the question is: ‘Will this change the fortune of ordinary South Africans? My view is: NO it will not – even if we give him six months to settle in and appoint a new team to assist him.

I do not, however, afford Cyril Ramaphosa the status of a messiah, as celebrants of Jacob Zuma’s ouster seem to do so. If you recall those hurly burly days following Polokwane, Mr Zuma was punted as one, So no celebrations! We dare not, nor should we get drunk and fall asleep again. We have been asleep since 2009.

We allowed President Zuma to bamboozle us with his oafish charm. With the Constitutional Court telling us that Parliament failed to hold him accountable, his die-hard supporters whispering in the corridors, ‘this was a plot by enemies of the ANC’.

We need to be wide awake so that we avoid the outcome we seek to extricate SA from. We need and must be vigilant.

Mr Zuma as well as all those vultures who stole from the people of SA must face the full might and wrath of the law, otherwise a Cyril Ramaphosa government will encounter anger and dissent from ordinary South Africans.

Forgive me if I refuse to join the vuvuzela brigade.

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay

Mettle Administrative Services

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