Younus Moosa: Businessperson of the Year winner has true ‘human values’

Durban business entrepreneur and visionary Younus Moosa says his purpose in life is to make a real difference to humanity, writes Sana Ebrahim.

While striving to be the best in his field of business, KZN entrepreneur Younus Moosa had always tempered his entrepreneurial skills with a burning desire to use part of his wealth to uplift communities. It came as no surprise then that he was named Minara Businessperson of the Year 2019 recently.

In his acceptance speech, Moosa said: ‘I’d like to thank Allah (SWT) for all His bounties… I would like to commend Minara Chamber of Commerce for promoting ihsan which is excellence as we should know it. There is no place for mediocrity in business – you have to make it work. And nothing comes easy…’ Moosa acknowledged the importance of their employees and customers: ‘The Vusi’s, Nooreen’s – all you guys, thank you very much. Well done.’ His closing remarks: ‘I would like to thank my family and Adnaan my son who’s joined me on this road’.” Jazakallah.”

From the early beginnings of Luckys Discount Centre, a Furniture Warehouse on the South Coast, Moosa has over the years established himself as a savvy investor and all-round business maverick. A connoisseur of the furniture business, Moosa’s fine eye for detail, luxury and class has taken him from India to Vietnam; Indonesia to Brazil in search of only the finest merchandise for his clients.

Moosa’s career path was inspired “not so much of a decision to work in retail but more of a genetic predisposition and the love of trading. My brothers Ismail and Mohamed and I learnt to trade from a very young age; we learnt from my father, and my grandfather. I was thrown into it and being young, hungry and eager to make an impression, I loved the challenge and took it head on. Through hard work, perseverance and drive, I managed to grow Luckys into what it is today. I believe that the shortest cut to success is hard work. My inspiration was and still is my love for people; this still drives me till this day. Whether it’s finding them that custom piece that they have been looking for, or overseeing the details of their bridal shower, it’s all about the people.”

While in the early days it was more about proving to himself that he can turn his business into a success – for his family, staff and the community that supports him; he now feels the importance of supporting other startup businesses – offering the knowledge he has gained through the years and guidance to young entrepreneurs. “I think it’s important to uplift our communities and neighbourhoods. We must have an abundant mindset; one needs to continuously think outside of the box. My business supports many local initiatives. I would like to be remembered as an individual who was hardworking, creative and passionate.”

His first break in the industry came with the opening of Luckys retail outlet adding that the “growth that we experienced and are still experiencing was a culmination of hard work, getting up after we fell, and a continued dedication to our vision and goals.”

His purchase of the Antique Café and The Saint James on Venice boutique hotel in Morningside, Durban, has been another significant success and a foray into the hospitality industry.

“The Antique Café offers an experience that is unique not only because of the culinary delights but also the ambience. The variety in the menu will satiate any palate. The experience is indelible. The fact that overseas and local clients frequent Antique is ample testimony.”

For Moosa, fishing is a hobby that is compelling and fulfilling. His new project includes a family owned farm that will be converted into a Halaal family farm destination for guests. “I have in the recent past purchased a farm in the Underberg district. I now have started trout farming and we’ve already engaged a local and an international company to help make trout farming a burgeoning industry. I intend creating a maze out of fruit trees so that families can enjoy the unique experience of plucking and eating a variety of delicious fruit.”

Working with a number of NGOs, Moosa is passionate about caring for communities and assisting the underprivileged and marginalised. “My intention is to build a centre; a place where orphans and the elderly could call home. My view is that there is no place for selfishness. We need to be ambassadors of Islam as exemplified by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Indeed example is better than precept.”

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