So what’s the alternative to the Cape Accord?

In the light of the horrendous and tragic events in Ottawa and Malmesbury, and the attacks in the media and on social media like WhatsApp, the South African Ummah in general and the Ulama in particular need to come up with a programme of action to seriously address the issue of Intolerance and extremism, and provide clear guidelines to the Ummah about tolerance and good behaviour so that we may become “The Khaira Umma” (The Best Community).

What is our guiding principle to chart the way forward based on the Sunnah of The Prophet (SAW) who is “Rahmatul lil Alameen”, “A mercy unto the worlds”.  Are we as a community a mercy to mankind and to each other?

We should be deeply disturbed by the Takfiri culture and adversarial speech of some Ulama. The Cape Accord, notwithstanding criticism from some quarters, sought to address this issue by coming up with an excellent, well thought out set of guidelines to create a more caring, embracing and tolerant South African Ummah.

Those that do not agree with or reject the Cape Accord, need to take this matter seriously and put an alternative Plan (Accord) on the table – in other words an alternative to the Cape Accord.

As a community that constitutes a tiny portion of the South African population and one that is living in a country that is faced with so many challenges, ranging from racism to extreme poverty, the status quo of infighting cannot be sustained.

Ebrahim Jadwat


Mettle Administrative Services

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