‘Vote wisely or you’ll get the government that you deserve’

The New Year was ushered in by violent protests across the globe. Poverty and inequality have reached unbearable levels. Extreme wealth and abject poverty will define the political trajectory the world will follow in 2019.

South Africans go to the polls in the most crucial and pivotal election in the history of our troubled and divided rainbow nation. Twenty five years agodemocracy was born and freedom was attained.

It was Franklin D Roosevelt who once said “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved”. Sadly, South Africa today, is a sick society, morally and ethically bankrupt. Our elected officials have over the years vulgarised the emblem and good name of a 107 year old institution, and gave it an image of a den of thieves by running it like their own personal fiefdom. Corruption is the epicentre and vortex of the current grave crisis.

We have over the past 15 years destroyed the legacy of Nelson Mandela, insulted the memory of John Dube, desecrated the sacrifices of Oliver Tambo, mutilated the dedication of Albert Luthuli, nullified the dreams of Govan Mbeki and shattered the ideals of Winnie Mandela.

2019 will change the course of our history. Vote wisely or you will get the government that you deserve.



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