US plan to bomb Syria ‘premature’, more misery on Muslims – SAMNET

While there is no sympathy for the brutal regime of Bashar Al-Assad, President Trump’s imminent plan to bomb Syria will only serve the interests of the US’s and the West, writes and Al Qalam Reporter.

Unless there is an accurate and factual UN report of the alleged chemical attack in Syria last week, any military attack on that country by Western forces would be premature and lead to more deaths of ordinary people, said Dr Faisal Suleman, head of the South African Muslim Network (SAMNET).

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that a final decision on military strikes had not been taken. However, she said the US holds Russia and Syria responsible for the incident. The US National Security Council is to meet while UK PM Theresa May has called a cabinet meeting.

In his analysis of the situation, Dr Suleman told Al Qalam: “The South African Network believes it is highly premature for any kind of military strike by the West, led by the USA, against Syrian population.

“Sadly it is simply too difficult to have an accurate and factual account of what is going on the ground, including whether chemical weapons were used or not because the media houses and many of the NGO’s operating in Syria,will further the agendas of their backers and funders as well as the agendas of the countries which they operate so it is hard to know who, if anybody used chemical weapons, whether it was a third force or in fact Russian supplied chemical weapons used by the brutal Assad regime.

While we have no sympathy for the brutal regime that is led by Bashar Al Assad, we don’t believe that a US led airstrikes will achieve anything, except more misery for Syrians.”

Suleman said the Russian and Syrian airstrikes currently “kill only Syrians not Americans or Russians and not anyone from other Western countries. Syria is turning out to be a de-facto playground for the hegemonic desires of Russia and the USA,and retaliation of the apparent killing by Russia of the British double agent cannot be excluded, and the Syrian people are paying the price for this proxy war.

We believe that a UN led investigation team with observers from Russia , the United States and other countries, including those from the developing world need to do a thorough inspection and analysis and present a report before any military action can be taken.

“It appears that Syrian forces are in any case, in charge of this areas so any military action now will just be more revenge than preventative. Rather if Russian and America are interested in the welfare and the peace, there should be more interested in disarming rebels, allowing UN observers & UN military forces and independent humanitarian agencies to be present on the ground and work on disarming and bring about a ceasefire rather than continuing to bomb whatever is left of Syria.

“Syria is already been put back in the Stone Age and further bombing is not going to lead to any peace,” Dr Suleman added.

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