US author Umm Zakiyyah opens Suleman Lockhat Auditorium

By Al Qalam Reporter

Acclaimed American Muslim novelist Umm Zakiyyah was the guest of honour at the recent official opening of the newly-named Suleman Lockhat Auditorium at the Mariam Bee Sultan Centre – the new home of Islamic Forum.

Apart from being a writer of several books, Umm Zakiyyah is also a motivational speaker and community activist who last month embarked on a successful tour of South Africa, organised by Baitul Hikmah.

At the opening of the centre, she paid a moving tribute to the Late Suleman Lockhat, a humanitarian who served the community for most of his life.
She told a packed house that it was fitting that the auditorium was dedicated to his memory. She said that even though she hadn’t met him, it was as if she had known him all her life.

Mohamed Amra, of Islamic Forum, presided over the event and stressed that the Muslim community needs to become a “reading society”.
Yunus Sultan, a trustee of the Mariam Bee Sultan Madressah Trust, said that he was pleased to see improvements to the centre.

Yaasir Lockhat, son of the late Suleman Lockhat, said the family was pleased to see that his father’s contribution to the ummah had not gone un-noticed.
Deaf poet, Zohra Moosa, gave a stirring rendition of her poem. Over 150 people attended and refreshments were served after the presentation in the Women’s Cultural Group Hall on the ground floor.

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