‘Two heavyweights: ‘I call them democrazys’

I’m certain that some of my journalist friends’ would agree that in the latest clash  between super heavyweights Recept Erdogan (with Russia and Iran in his corner) and Donald Trump (who has pissed off Europe, so he’s got  Israel, officially in his corner)  they can hear the referee shouting ‘Seconds out, round number 1’.

We’re watching two of democrazys (yes, you’re reading me correctly ‘democrazy’s’)with unbridled punching power, throwing punches from 6000km across the boxing ring. Each has the capacity to deliver the blow that will knock out the spectators too. 

I wonder if is it because Erdogan wants Fethullah Gulen, who is in Pennsylvania and a fugitive whom he has classified as the mastermind behind the monty pythonesque  pantomime-coup, and is prepared to release a US ‘pastor’s (of the CIA church)  jailed in the country in exchange?

Makes you think, doesn’t it? 

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay

Mettle Administrative Services

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