Top pass for rural private school at As-Salaam

Pupils of As-Salaam Private School – situated deep in the rural region of Braemer in the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast – couldn’t stop smiling when they learnt that all had passed with good grades. The 100% pass rate is a major achievement for the school that pushed its learners to do their best. The 100% pass rate comes at the start of the school’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year. The principal of As-Salaam Private School, Hajra Allijan has dedicated the achievements to the late Ismail Ally who was responsible for reintroducing the FET phase at the school. The principal told Al-Qalam she was grateful to her “dedicated band of educators and highly motivated learners” for this excellent achievement. “This happens to be a perfect start to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at As-Salaam. It is 60 years since the world famous missionary Shaykh Ahmed Deedat sowed the seeds of the multi million rand facilities on 75 acres of land donated by philanthropist Sulaiman Kadwa,” she said. She thanked all who had contributed to its success.

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