‘Time has come for honest govt in SA’

Former President Jacob Zuma has finally been charged on 16 counts of fraud. The law is essential to underpinning a stable society. It will survive the ignorance and whims of any dictator. If properly used, the law will eventually triumph, as did our constitutional law. Proper use of the tools of law can remove any renegade leader.

We need to remember that freedom from an arbitrary and corrupt government depends on the rule of law and a functioning democracy. We need to rehabilitate both, before the crisis of faith worsens. We must remind ourselves that an independent judiciary resolving disputes in accordance with the rule of law remains a cornerstone of our system of government.

We, as a nation, are to blame for the monumental mess our country is enmeshed in today. We sat like petrified toads while the nation was looted on a scale that defies description. The scale and scope of corruption and brazen theft that took place over the past 24 years will probably never be unearthed. We deify our Presidents expecting them to behave like the paragons we want rather than like the politicians they are.
The Presidency is a sacred institution; it should never be allowed to become a haven and a den for political prostitution.

In our country the President is the very symbol of national unity. Whoever holds the office is the leader of our dreams as well as well as of our needs. We are shocked when a devious politician turns out to be no less devious on becoming President. From inaction in parliament to cynicism across the country, the need for a renewed bond between sincere politicians and voters is clear. How long should we be left to suffer injustice under the leadership of nefarious political game players?

The time has come for honest government in South Africa. Many men and women of goodwill are available to lead our rainbow nation to new heights. President Ramaphosa must begin by committing himself to the truth, to see it like it is, to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth. Should he falter along the way, he most certainly will become the leader of the official opposition in 2019.

South Africans will never be betrayed again.


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