‘Those who abused political power for over 20 years are feckless cowards’

South Africans are witnessing a fierce propaganda war and an ugly battle for political survival within the corridors of power. A brutal political contest for supremacy is taking its toll on our leaders

.We are sadly witnessing a gloomy war of attrition between the various political contestants. The grim battle is being fought between Luthuli House and the Union Buildings.

Political power is all around us, visible and invisible. It is manifested in the everyday social relations, in peoples’ ideologies and their actions. Revelations at The Zondo Commission of Inquiry are truly earth shattering on a cosmic scale.

Everyone of these complicit leaders will carry their shame through history. Their legacies will be ones of well earned ignominy. They have disgraced our country and brought dishonour to the party of Nelson Mandela.

Those who abused political power for over 20 years are feckless cowards who disgrace and dishonour the legacies of the ANC’s greatest leaders. They value their own careers over everything. Mistakes are forgivable. Moral cowardice as an operating philosophy is not. Our current crop of politicians distort the truth more often, use more self-justifications and deceive in larger ways, and with more consequences. Our politics is littered with lies and deceptions, be it Bosassa, Transnet, SAA, the infamous Guptas, the PIC. Something more is needed to encourage personal integrity in politics.

Our politics today, is a dangerous place where political poker, duplicity and sheer malevolence are rife. Nasty practises that propel shady leaders to the top has become a toxic environment.

Corruption was born many years ago. What started as a relatively isolated storm, has turned into a hurricane that is pounding the entire country. The social and financial cost of corruption is incalculable. It has emptied our ethical contents, haemorrhaged our economy and destabalized the soul of our politics. It must be confronted directly and boldly, employing the full panoply of instruments of public sanction.

Beyond the blame games, there exist opportunities for us to break the yoke of oppressive corruption and chart a new course towards a liberated future.



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