Sunni Ulama Council: ‘We are overspending resources on foreign causes’

I totally agree with Mr Ismail Omar and Imam Abbas Mkhize that we are overspending our resources and energies on foreign causes at the expense of our local township communities. I have visited many such communities and the situation there is horrible. I don’t see why millions should go overseas while the Masjid next door doesn’t even have carpets and a Wudu facility.

Perhaps it is that we “Asian” Muslims construct our identities through identifying with the Arab world and its institutions and issues.

I believe it is high time we re-construct our identities as proudly “African Muslims”. Unless this is done, we will never solve this problem, and Syria will always seem closer to us than Soweto.


Sh Fakhruddin Owaisi
Chairman of the Sunni Ulama Council

Mettle Administrative Services

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