Saudi sheikh conducts course for Da’ees in Durban, offers valuable advice

By Al Qalam Correspondent

A Saudi Sheikh conducted a two day training course for Dawah workers at the premises of the Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa (IDM) at its headquarters in Durban’s city centre recently.
The “Train the Trainers Strategic Planning Course” for duaats was conducted by Sheikh Ahmad Abdullah Alsaban, former Under-secretary in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The scholar who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Principles of Deen (Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University) and serves as a board member in organizations such as Wedaad Association for Abandoned Kids, Islamic Relief Organization and the National Charity Society for the Prevention of Drugs to name but a few.

An IDM spokesman said: “The objective of workshop was to develop a network of highly trained and highly confident duaats who will be equipped to collaborate extensively across the region, to draw on each other’s strengths, strengthen each other’s weaknesses, and for the duaats to assume leadership roles in communities.”

Sheikh Alsaban added: “As a multi-cultural country, South Africa has many traditional practices carried out by its different religious and cultural groups. One has to be mindful of the fact that no single approach can be applied for every group.”

He emphasised the need for da’ees to have sound communication skills.
“Dawah is a service and a da’ee is a service provider, therefore, a minimal of sound communication skills is essential. This approach should be geared towards looking, in particular, at three of the most important aspects – selecting a relevant message for each group, choosing the right subject and knowing the right tools for conveying the message.”

As the mission of the du’aats is to spread the message of Islam, they were also encouraged to acquire more knowledge both Islamically and secularly. Consequently, it was emphasized that they should remain truthful in their endeavours. Islam believes that truthfulness is one of the pillars.
“Speech or speaking is an exclusive human trait, lying is seen as losing your humanity. So when giving Dawah, not only is it important that you do not lie, but also preach that you cannot lie and the faith of Islam is all about truth. You can give examples from the Quran and Sunnah of what lying means and what its consequences are,” explained Sheikh Alsaban.

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