‘Saudi rulers nothing but puppets of America’

I write in reference to the letter in Al Qalam dated August 1 entitled ‘Saudi restrained stance on Gaza genocide no surprise’.

There is no doubt that Iran is a snake but the Saudi Rulers are bigger snakes of the Muslim world. In the past, the fake Iranian   heroes were screaming that they would like to “wipe Israel off the map.” So where were they? They silently watched the destruction of Gaza. Similar hypocrites are the Saudi Rulers who also allowed this destruction and death in Gaza.

However, there was only one brave ruler in the Saudi Kingdom, the late King Faisal who had announced: “I want to die as a Martyr in the Holy War with Israel to free “Baitul Muqaddas”. But the current Saudi rulers are mere American puppets.

Most of the Muslim countries have also been colonized and governed by the puppets appointed by US. These rulers, who profess to be Muslims are nothing but Munaafiq (Hypocrites).

The best we can do now is make dua for the Ummah.

Allah (SWT) will sent Imam Mahdi (AS) to help the Momineen (True Believers) and they will re-establish the “True State of Islam” all over the world. But before that happens, the Ummah will have to cross this ocean of blood and fire. This is already written. May Allah (SWT) make ease all the calamities of the Ummah, InshaAllah, Ameen!

Hakeem Nazim Abbas,

Mettle Administrative Services

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