SAMNET launches survey on Muslim political trends in South Africa

By Al Qalam Reporter

The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) is undertaking an innovative survey to gauge political opinions within the Muslim community.

Dr. Faisal Suliman, chairperson of SAMNET, told Al Qalam that there was little data on trends in the Muslim community in relation to political sentiments, adding that “this survey may help to draw parts of a complicated picture.”

He said the result of the survey would be released to the public, followed by open discussions.

In light of political changes occurring in the country as well as the elections next year, Suliman has encouraged all Muslims over the age of 18 to complete an online survey which will shed light about Muslims and political processes.

SAMNET said the purpose of the survey was to obtain opinions of Muslims regarding their support of political parties, participation in political processes and their involvement in political, non-governmental and civil society structures. It was also to learn about the diversity of political thought amongst Muslims, and the criteria used to make choices about political parties.

“This survey is strictly confidential. We do not ask you for your name. However, we require demographic data to gauge the diversity of opinions among different segments of the Muslim community,” Suliman added.

Some of the questions on the survey are: “If there was a national election next week, would you vote for any of the existing parties?”

A second question reads: “If you do not vote, do you participate in other political activities/processes?”

And a third question reads: “If you believe that Muslims should not participate in the electoral process, how can the Muslim community promote its own interest within government, various political parties and within legislature?”

Another thought provoking question is: “Do you believe there is a need/place for a Muslim political party or a political party with strong Muslim influence and participation at management level?

The survey can be found on SAMNET’s webpage. The direct link is:

The survey form can also sent via email to SAMNET office,

For further information, please phone 031 207 4223 or WhatsApp 084 333 3979.

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