SA Palestinian activist and writer Suraya Dadoo apologises to Dr Said-el Namrouti

On Monday, 22 October 2018, I posted a statement about Dr. Said El-Namrouti via Whats App. The message FALSELY accused Dr. El-Namrouti (of the Islamic University of Gaza) of initiating projects for his personal gain and exploiting previous relations with South African groups and individuals for fund-raising.

The message attacked Dr. El-Namrouti’s integrity and cast serious aspersions on his character. I made these statements based on information provided to me that I assumed was credible. I did not independently verify the information before posting the message. This was irresponsible and dangerous. I apologise – unreservedly – for the statements I have made about Dr. El-Namrouti, and for the serious reputational damage I have caused him.

My statements – in no way – reflect Media Review Network or that of the South African Palestinian solidarity movement. I acted alone – and completely in my personal capacity. Therefore, I alone – should be held accountable. I also apologise to my comrades within the Palestine solidarity movement in South Africa, for causing unnecessary alarm.

I hope that this serious lapse in judgement will not prevent them from working with me in future in the fight against Israeli apartheid. I hope that this statement of apology will be forwarded widely.

Yours sincerely,


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