‘SA needs more people like Bux and Zondo’

I refer to an article in the Al-Qalam dated January 2019 regarding The Zondo & Bux Educational Trust.

This formation is at its best in the name of Islam and humanity. A journey that will be cherished and treasured by passing it on from generation to generation.

 Solly Bux’s words of wisdom to our Deputy Chief Justice, Judge Ray Zondo, “Just do for others what I have done for you”. These few words speak volumes, for having served your fellow man, you have surely served Allah.

South Africa needs men and women in the caliber of Bux and Zondo to serve their fellow countrymen and women.

I am of the opinion that if you serve humanity in the name of Allah and send his message to the masses, then His Kingdom awaits you with all Mercy and Love.


M.Hariram (Lallo)


Mettle Administrative Services

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